Meike Aton

Hi, I’m Meike Aton. I have been an artist all my life. I just didn’t know it. Growing up in Germany, artistic creativity was considered just part of my life.

Artists are usually creative in several different areas, but focus in on one or two methods of expression.

One of my creative areas was the fiber world. I picked up fleeces on shearing day, washed, carted and spun the fibers into yarn for weaving and knitting. Sometimes I dyed the wool with plants from my farm. Numerous throws, pillows and blankets grace my sofas. Intricately patterned sweaters, scarfs and hats make up part of my wardrobe.

While drawing and painting always accompanied my life to some degree, it took center stage about ten years ago. That’s when I became a full time painter.

Today I work in acrylics and mixed media, creating mostly large scale abstract paintings in bold and happy colors.

My creativity gives me great satisfaction. And that satisfaction I’d like to share with you.

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