Artist Audrey Bottrell-Parks

Audrey Bottrell Fine Art & Instruction LLC 

An artist gives viewers eyes to see a new perspective of the world. Sometimes its’ the look on  someone’s face, the play of light or color.


Art is the quiet in a chaotic, busy world. Not only is it meditative and relaxing, it brings a deep sense of satisfaction and fills my heart with a sense of joy!  Pastels, charcoal and graphite have been my mediums of choice. However, when Covid-19 began, I retreated to my studio for therapeutic play with alcohol inks. I fell in love with the look and vibrancy of the color. This award winning portrait artist found a new love painting landscapes with alcohol inks! I paint on ceramic tile which is quite small for a wall hanging, but the beauty is they can be printed as large as you want without losing any detail!

Audrey has a degree in Art Education and has taught in the public schools and privately for over 40 years. She has won numerous awards for her portraits and they have been aired on national tv and printed publications internationally.

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