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The Branson Art Shop was created to support BRAC members, who are artists, sell their artwork. The Branson Arts Shop is hosted by the Branson Regional Arts Council, an active group of interested persons whose purpose is described in our Mission Statement:

“To make available artistic, cultural, and educational opportunities and to support, strengthen and enhance these opportunities for all citizens of our community.” – Branson Regional Arts Council Mission Statement

We at Branson Regional Arts Council work to enhance the greater understanding of the arts in our community by making community arts a viable part of the lives of our citizens. The council is made up of members from all aspects of the community. The common denominator of Branson Regional Arts Council membership is that all members are involved in keeping arts and culture alive and well in our community.

BRAC has created a partnership with the Branson Convention Center to offer Artists an opportunity to show and sell their artworks. BRAC retains a 20% commission, with 80% of all sales going to the individual artists.

Partial funding for Branson Regional Arts Council is assisted by: the Missouri Arts Council, memberships, sponsorships and by private donation. 


For more information on our organization or becoming a BRAC member, follow this link

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